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UL Listed for Security

Hammering and punching test
Hammering and punching test
Side drilling and punching the bolts test
Side drilling and punching the bolts test

UL hires professional safe crackers try and breach the security of safes. For premium home and gun safes, UL uses a variety of tests to breach the security of a safe and see if it can receive a UL safe rating.

UL safe testing methods can include: prying, drilling, punching, chiseling, and tampering attacks to the safe's lock, handle, mechanism and body of the safe. UL even gets to view the engineering drawings prior to the test, thus giving them a head start in knowing where to drill.

UL has the advantage of opening the safe door and removing the door panel to analyse the safe's security features and positions. Once they develop a strategic plan with measurements to more accurately attack the safe, they close the door and have 5 minutes to break-in. This 5 minute test is a timed test. If they take a break, the clock stops and restarts again once they begin the onslaught.

If UL cannot breach the security of the safe within the time period, that series of safes receive UL's Residential Security Container (RSC) certification and accompanying certification number. If a safe does not pass it does not receive the certification. (Note: Liberty's Home Safes and Revolution Series are the only series not UL Listed due to the 14 ga body. Those safes do include the other UL Listed security features found in the UL models).

Some of the methods utilized in UL safe testing include:

  1. Drilling the lock's tumblers attempting to make the lock act as if the combination was dialed
  2. Pry the dial off and knock out the lock tumblers through the lock's back plate permitting the locking bolt to retract.
  3. Punch in the handle shaft to push out the cam/gear mechanism in order to bypass the lock.
  4. Cut a 4" hole in the side of the safe body by drilling an X and punching through with a sledge hammer. Access through the side to side punch the locking bolts may be attempted to break the lock or mechanism.

Liberty passed! Liberty Safes that currently bear the UL symbol of security protected against forced entry and received UL's Residential Security Container (RSC) certification: 8M10.

In the following security pages, we will show the security features that make UL rated gun safes possible.