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Because Safes aren't just for Guns

Liberty Home Safes are imported with contemporary styling and popular sizing to fit any home or office environment. Each comes with a quick access electronic lock that includes a backlit keypad for easier night time viewing. In addition to trusted security features, our household safes are also built with 60 minutes of fire protection. This small fire safe is the perfect fit for your home or office. Fire Home Safes are now UL Listed for Security with the thicker 12 ga. body.

Lifetime Warranty

PRICE: Starting at $949


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Home Safes Ratings and Reviews

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Good by safety deposit box
written by secure home on December 15, 2016

Excellent Safe
written by Rich on November 4, 2016
Got exactly what I wanted, an excellent safe at a very reasonable price!

written by home safe owner on January 26, 2016
I am shopping for a gun safe right now, but will make sure that I purchase a safe that is made in the USA.

Lock issues
written by Ted on June 30, 2014
After having this safe for just over a year the battery has been replaced 4 times for the lock and it is still having trouble. the combination has to be entered sometimes up to 5 times before the door will open. there is no pressure on the back of the door or on the handle to prevent the lock from opening. You can hear the lock operate when the combination is accepted but nothing on the failed attempts. my question would be , is there a replacement lock for this safe?
Liberty's Response:
It sure doesn't sound like your lock is working right. We will be in contact either today or tomorrow to work with you on getting the lock to function correctly. If we can't fix it...we will have it replaced.